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What to expect from Sweat?


A challenging total body workout. Sweat is a conditioning class that builds endurance, fitness, supports heart health and increases lung capacity.


Each Sweat class is structured differently at Train Yard but expect to be put through your paces during this high intensity workout. You will use a wide range of kit, with both conditioning and resistance based exercises included.


This is a this fun class, suitable for all levels! You’ll love and hate Sweat all at the same time.



Strength classes at Train Yard are small group sessions with no more than 7-12 members. They are programmed in four week blocks, to ensure that you are progressing month to month. 


Our Strength sessions are fully body, designed to work all muscle groups and each class during a particular day within the month will focus on the same compound lift, so you don’t need to worry about always getting to the same time class each week.   


We place strong importance on lifting well with good form at Train Yard and our instructors are always on hand to make sure you are perfecting your form and improving each week. 


Consistency is the key to building your strength and overall fitness and that is why we place such importance on following structured programmes at Train Yard. 

At Train Yard circuits expect a fun, high energy class and full body workout with a mixture of cardio and resistance exercises designed to support overall strength, fitness, endurance, and heart health.

A circuits class consists of a combination of exercises to be performed by the group for a set number of repetitions or for a set amount of time, moving from one exercise to the next in a circuit with short rests in between.



A dynamic, low impact mat-based class, Pilates offers a full body workout with a strong focus on the core to strengthen and lengthen the entire body for improved mobility, flexibility, posture, and balance.

Pilates at Train Yard incorporates both classical Pilates exercises combined with more modern elements. Creating a fun, full body session. 


Expect to build strength, improve your posture and work on your mobility.

The perfect supplement to your intense Sweat or cardio-based workouts and strength training.

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