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The home of hard work and sweaty smiles.

Your boutique fitness studio in Clapham, London for classes and community. Where building strength, getting fit, and working hard is more fun than fanatical.

At the Train Yard, we leave judgement at the door. We’re all about balance, consistency, and kindness.

When you need help to reach your goals there is no one size fits all approach, personal training means giving you support and guidance that works for you, so you can make positive and progressive lifestyle changes to get to where you want to be.

Our space is yours. Hire the studio or the Train Yard as an exclusive venue for your event, workshop, or photoshoot, please email enquiries and your event details to

Train Yard Classes

Train Yard STRENGTH, CIRCUITS, SWEAT and PILATES; there’s something for everyone and every fitness level – we’re there to motivate, you’re there to work hard and smile whilst you’re doing it.


Jaz Dawson

Owner and Founder of Train Yard, Jaz is a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor who wanted to create a studio in Clapham that offers a relaxed and balanced approach to exercise. “I wanted to create a non-pretentious space where you can come in, work hard, and really focus on your fitness goals with a strong focus on correct form and technique.”

Jaz is truly passionate about getting as many people exercising as possible and encourages her clients to focus on all the amazing things regular exercise can do for both their bodies and mind.

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Chloe Bingham

For Chloe, any type of strength class is at the top of the list. In her opinion, there is no better feeling
than being in a room full of people who want to push themselves to become stronger, both physically and mentally. You can expect Chloe’s classes to be technical, functional with a little bit of spice thrown in!

Chloe truly believes that exercise and activity should be a celebration of what our bodies can do, however, you want to do it, however old you are, we should all be moving our bodies in ways that we enjoy.

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Sarah Spence

With endless motivation up her sleeve and bags of ‘anything is possible’ energy, Sarah has a
genuine commitment towards helping you get the most out of your class; whether that’s through words of encouragement, adapting exercises to suit your needs, meticulously correcting form, or telling terrible (but amusing!)  stories. 

She may be small but she is fierce - expect heaps of energy, lots of sweat, and motivation to keep you going till the very end.

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Sarah F

It is not all about what you look like, but how it makes you feel! Sarah’s goal in her classes is to empower, strengthen and challenge people making them feel like anything is achievable one move at a time, whilst distracting you with a mix of mega tunes from remixes, house to throwbacks. 'This isn’t work to me, this is something I love to do and I encourage everyone to find that same experience!

We sweat, we laugh and we move together

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