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Terms & Conditions

Packages & Passes
Train Yard's Prices and Terms & Conditions are subject to change.

  • Train Yard class package holders receive the number of classes stated in the package purchased.

  • Such classes may be redeemed at any class operated by Train Yard until such time that the Class Package is exhausted through use, or the package expires.

  • Introductory Train Yard offers start on the date of the first class and expires on the stated number of days later, inclusive of the first day. Each customer is entitled to one Introductory Offer. Purchase of multiple packages through the creation of  multiple account is not prohibited. 

  • All memberships are 3 month fixed contracts. After the initial three months, the contract will move onto a monthly rolling contract.

  • 1 months notice must be given to to cancel.

  • Please note if you email with less than 1 months notice you will be required to pay the next instalment before we are able to close your account.

  • All memberships can be frozen for up to two months, if you wish to pause your membership please email the team.

  • We operate a 12-hour cancellation policy. This policy is in respect of your fellow Train Yard members. If you cancel your spot within this 12-hour window OR miss the class entirely, you will lose the class and you will not be refunded. If however you cancel within this 12 hour window the class will automatically be credited to your account.

  • All memberships and class packs can be assigned to a guest or a linked account.

  • All personal training sessions have a 12 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within this period, you will still be charged for the session.

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