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Nutrition for Fitness and Performance
Thursday 30th May 19.45pm

Hosted by Sammy Cooper and Train Yard, we will cover a range of topics, including what to eat before and after training, nutrition for recovery, sleep, supplements, considerations across the menstrual cycle and a bit of myth-busting in between. There'll be plenty of opportunities to ask questions, to give you the knowledge and autonomy to optimise your nutrition for performance and beyond.

Sammy is a Performance Nutritionist working with both recreational and professional athletes. She brings the knowledge and experience to apply the science in a realistic and practical way, to fuel performance, health and happiness.

Train Yard members can book tickets at a reduced price of £5.00 via the app and non members can book via the link below. 

Half Day Retreat: Strength and Yoga 
Saturday 8th June 13.00pm

We will start the afternoon with Train Yards signature Strength class, led by Head Coach and Owner of Train Yard, Jaz Dawson. Our Strength classes at Train Yard are full body, functional sessions, with a mixture of compound lifts alongside accessory work designed to teach you how to lift well with good form, expect to work hard but finish feeling energised and stronger. Following the strength session we will have a snack break and enjoy some non-alcoholic beverages provided by SOBR nights, a community set up to highlight the benefits of reducing alcohol consumption, for those that are sober curious or simply want to reduce their alcohol consumption.

You will then be guided through a deeply relaxing yoga practice led by senior yoga teacher, Sophie Heatley. Combining gentle breathing exercises, slow flowing movements and longer holds, this beginner-friendly session aims to provide tools to release physical tension and support nervous system regulation. We will close with a guided meditation complete with sound and an optional head massage. There will also be journaling prompts available for anyone who wishes to explore how writing can help free up mental space, preserve energy, and understand our internal processing with more clarity. Writing material and yoga mat will be provided. If you would like to bring a hoodie, blanket or pillow for extra comfort in this session, please do!

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